Breastfeeding Care Bundle
Breastfeeding Care Bundle

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Breastfeeding Care Bundle

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The start of the breastfeeding journey can have its challenges and discomforts. This care bundle is curated to help relieve pain and aide in healing sore cracked nipples. 

What is included?

Hydronips Hydrogel Compresses - get instant, soothing relief from Hydronips' compresses for cracked and sore breastfeeding nipples. Hydronips promote faster healing by forming a protective barrier for sore cracked nipples. They cool the skin on contact, providing relief when you most need it. Reusable for 24hrs. These are a must-have for your nips! Womens Wellness Boutique.

Nipple Cream - a true vegan nipple cream that works, helps soothe cracked or irritated nipples and safe for mama and baby. Koko & Shae.

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (two pairs in pack) - these nursing pads are made with 2 absorbent layers of organic bamboo fleece. Bamboo is anti-microbial and super soft against delicate skin. Cheeks Ahoy.

Breast Milk Booster Tea - boost lactation with Mummy's Organics' Organic Breast Milk Booster Tea. Crafted by midwives, this tea blends fennel, fenugreek, and nettle to enhance milk supply and indirectly soothe baby's colic and calm their digestive system. Mummy's Organics.

Sterile Nipple Spray - NipSpray is made with high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin and safe for both mums and babies. It is specially formulated to provide a cooling and soothing effect, helping to alleviate discomfort and soreness associated with breastfeeding. Womens Wellness Boutique.