Organic Breast Milk Booster Tea

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Organic Breast Milk Booster Tea

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Boost lactation with Mummy's Organics' Organic Breast Milk Booster Tea. Crafted by midwives, this tea blends fennel, fenugreek, and nettle to enhance milk supply and indirectly soothe baby's colic and calm their digestive system.

Suitable for daily use to support breastfeeding mothers. Enjoy between feeds for maximum benefits. Includes 15 biodegradable tea pyramids. 



+ Supports Milk Production: Fennel, Aniseed and nettle are known to have galactagogic properties, meaning they can help increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

+ Aids Digestion: It can also aid in digestion and relieve colic symptoms in infants when the components pass through breast milk. Caraway seeds can help ease digestive issues such as bloating and gas, improving comfort for both mother and baby.

+ Improves Blood Sugar Control: Fenugreek may help stabilise blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for the overall health of the mother.

+ Anti-inflammatory Properties: Nettle may have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce postpartum discomfort.



1 tea bag per cup to fresh hot boiling water.

Brew for 5-10 minutes.

A low milk supply can be attributed to an underlying condition so please consult your midwife or lactation consultant for advice if you're struggling.



'Start incorporating breastfeeding tea into your daily routine, ideally drinking 1-3 cups a day.

The best times to drink it are between nursing sessions or about 30 minutes before you breastfeed.

This timing helps ensure that the active ingredients are in your system and potentially affecting your milk supply when your baby is ready to feed.

Consistency is key, as the effects on milk production can be gradual and cumulative. Remember, staying hydrated in general is crucial for milk production, so consider this tea as part of your overall fluid intake.'

- Odette from Mummy's Organics



Organic Fennel, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Caraway, Organic Aniseed, Organic Nettle.